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I'm a lover of nature, coffee, & self-care!


With my experience as a mental health therapist, I wanted a positive way to share my passion of self-care through fitness and that's when Fitness for Mamas came to life!

Fit Pregnancy

Melinda began creating three workouts per each week of pregnancy starting at 6 weeks pregnant and all the way through 40 weeks of pregnancyShe designed trimester workout calendars for you to have to download and use as your Fit Pregnancy guide!

Beginners Postpartum


Free 12-week PELVIC FLOOR eBook guide available to download. We start with your pelvic floor foundation and begin rebuilding your core & abs. All workouts are diastasis recti (ab separation) safe!

Intermediate Postpartum

After you've worked on you restrengthening your pelvic floor, this 4-week workout calendar is a perfect next step! There are no repeats, with the exception of a nice stretch workout each week. Each routine is 20 minutes!


Available to download for free.

Advanced Postpartum

Melinda is currently recording an advanced postpartum workout series. Click below to learn more about the release of a new program!

Monthly Workout Calendar

Click the calendar to download a PDF file. Each picture is its own direct link to the workouts on our YouTube channel. The routines range from 10 - 30 minutes each. Happy working out! 



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There is a new Fitness for Mamas' video every Monday!

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