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If there was a way to double your chances for fitness success, would you be interested? 

Working out with like-minded babywearing mamas can do that and more!


The single most important factor is having the right support system. Our mama group provides a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation, and a healthy competition. Mamas become teammates and cheer one another on!

When you join the group, you will be paired up with another mama for the 3-week challenge. This gives you a sense of responsibility and commitment toward your teammate. You are then more likely to follow through on that commitment - setting you up for a successful experience!!

Here's what to expect for the next three weeks:

After you get your Babywearing Program eBook, open it up to chapter 12 - link provided to your accountability group (3-week challenge!).

In the accountability group, there will be a post at the top to sign up for a partner. Comment and I'll pair you up.

Each day we will focus on a specific theme to help boost motivation and accountability! 

If you're feeling like you're losing steam during the challenge, you can look to your group members for a bit of encouragement to pull you through. The group is your support!

INCENTIVE: Complete the 3-week challenge and earn a clean eating meal plan with a detailed grocery list. 

NEW Challenge group starts on Monday, November 28th!! Join the journey!!

~Keep scrolling to discover more about the Accountability Group and what's all included in your eBook!

~Our Lovely Members~

Facebook Group

Meet like-minded mamas who will naturally encourage, support, and motivate you along the way.


Check out what other mamas were saying during their 3-Week Challenge!!

3-Week Challengers

Watch yourself beautifully transform when you commit to a start date and actively engage in the program. The exclusive babywearing challenge is meant for mamas to have a supportive community, loads of fun, and build lasting friendships.

Amazon Reviews

This is what mamas are saying about the program! More at Amazon!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't have a kindle.

  • No problem! Head on over to your app store and download the FREE kindle app. 


How do I get access to the group?

  • Check out chapter 12 for access!


Will there always be access to the group?

  • Yes! It's a wonderful community for motivation and you may repeat as many rounds as you'd like!

Where do I find the workouts?

  • You get full access to the workouts in chapter 13.


Can I front wear?

  • Absolutely! You may front-wear or back-wear your kiddo. I personally like to switch it up and of course, age is a factor.

Do you have a workout DVD?

  • Not at this time, however, you may access the workouts from a smart TV or hook up your device to the TV.

Have more questions:

You’re busy! Enjoy a QUICK read eBook including:


• 12 minutes a day.

• Workout schedule included.

Quick Workouts

• You’ll build endurance during high-intensity workouts accompanied by added weight resistance from your kiddo. Resulting in energy to do all the mama tasks you need to do!

Immediate Access to Videos

• Workout anywhere, anytime, on your schedule!

Learn About Strengthening and Flexibility Postpartum

• Find out more about your body after baby. Your body went through a lot in order to grow a tiny human and it is important to understand WHY and HOW you benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

*Receive tips on Clean Eating.


And Much More!

No equipment needed - just your kiddo and choice of carrier! Enjoy quality bonding time while doing something positive for your own health!


BONUS: Your kiddo might nap! 

It’s time to start YOUR healthy lifestyle journey!


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