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3-Week Fit Mama 


Perfect timing after Thanksgiving!!

This is an exciting time to get your Fit Mama Program eBook! Begin a new journey with like-minded mamas and start a NEW 3-week challenge together! When you surround yourselves with other positive mamas, your energy increases and you’re more likely to follow through on your plan!

WHAT’S INCLUDED in your Fit Mama Program eBook:

✰ 12-minute full-length workout videos and option for 24-minute workouts. Workout anywhere, anytime - during kiddo's nap or have kiddo join!

✰ Complete Workout Program with Immediate Access to Workout Videos.

✰ Get Meal Ideas, Recipes, and Juicing Tips.

✰ Learn HOW and WHY we feel energized when eating the right kinds of food.

✰ Two Workout Calendars

✰ Join the Fit Mama Group as soon as you purchase your eBook to get to know other mamas and the 3-week challenge!

The unique aspect of the program are the short intense workouts. This allows mama to get in a workout and still have time to attend the busy lifestyle mama-life brings us! It’s time for you! I’m excited for you to start this journey and I look forward to getting to know you more in our Fit Mama Group!!

This Month:

I'm thrilled to offer HEALTHY FREEZER CROCKPOT meal recipes for joining the new Fit Mama Group. You'll get 7 recipes and a grocery list. And I'll give you some tips a and tricks to help you prep! It's a brilliant way to reduce stress!!

✰ To get the Amazon eBook, you'll just need a kindle app. You can actually download a FREE kindle app on your phone!

✰ Please share and invite friends to join with you!!​

Today is the first day of your journey to a healthier you!

~Keep scrolling to read testimonials from Melinda's recent Accountability Facebook Group. Purchase eBook HERE or keep reading for more details! 

Facebook Group

Meet like-minded mamas who will naturally encourage, support, and motivate you along the way.


Check out what other mamas were saying during their 3-Week Challenge from Melinda's Babywearing Workout Program!!

Preview - Workout Calendars:

You’re busy! Enjoy a QUICK read eBook:

I’m excited to bring you this eBook that accompanies the 3-week challenge and I'm really looking look forward to working with you on this exciting journey!

Black Friday Special:


Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't have a kindle.

  • No problem! Head on over to your app store and download the FREE kindle app. 


How do I get access to the group?

  • Check out chapter 10 for access!


Will there always be access to the group?

  • Yes! It's a wonderful community for motivation and you may repeat as many rounds as you'd like!

Where do I find the workouts?

  • You get full access to the workouts in chapter 11.

Do you have a workout DVD?

  • Not at this time, however, you may access the workouts from a smart TV or hook up your device to the TV.

Have more questions send an email:

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