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My Goal

I want you to get the most out of this journey!


Along with your eBook, you will have access to an online community of amazing individuals. You will receive encouragement and motivation daily, while cheering each other on. Mamas inspiring one another—a neat concept!


Helping you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals is my number one reason for creating this project. Let’s find which path is right for you while your journey continues to progress. You are already on your way to establishing a long and healthy lifestyle for you and your family!!

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Mama and Me

I was such a proud mama the day my little one was born!

Maybe you can relate to the one thing I never, EVER, imagined would happen after giving birth. I was incredibly weak. It was tough just reaching in and out of the crib, grabbing my baby. Getting out of bed was a struggle in itself. My abs and core had gone to crap! As soon as I was cleared by my midwife, my mission was to gain my strength back. However, it was quite the challenge with a fussy baby who did not want to leave my arms! Thanks to this challenge, I was inspired to incorporate my kiddo into my workout routine. It's been fun sharing this with you!


I am forever thankful for my husband, Lance, and my daughter. Lance is my biggest cheerleader and supports every ounce of my journey and passion for health and fitness. Together we work on creating a healthy environment for our kiddo.

We grew up in loving families, however, we both experienced unhealthy parents. My mom struggled with addiction and Lance lost his dad too early in life to diabetes.

Finding balance and doing our best to create a healthy life for our little family is a passion of mine. I’m excited you have joined me in this journey and I want to thank you!!!

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