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Melinda Pedersen presents...
Fit Mama Programs

Minutes from now

you'll make a

decision that

could transform

your body and mind


Wouldn’t it be


to know you could:

❃Have live support,

encouragement from like-minded

mamas who go through the

same challenges, and a detailed

workout and meal plan already

designed to fit your busy lifestyle?

❃Set your own workout schedule, 

be an inspiration to your kiddos

and show them anything is possible?

If you're struggling

with getting results,

chances are that

knowing what you want

isn't the problem - it's knowing

how to get it.

So what's

holding you back?

You’re too busy

Between working,

raising kiddos,

keeping house in order,

and trying to have a social life, you’ve convinced yourself you don’t have the time or

energy to workout

or eat healthy.


Fear of Working Out

When it comes to working out you lack confidence, you know what you know, and the thought of starting feels scary.

Lack of Support

You’re constantly receiving messages from society

telling you need

to have this

“ideal” body image,

surrounded by loved ones

or significant other telling

you to get into “shape,”

and you feel alone.

Fear of Failure

You’re scared to

fully commit, you

don’t trust yourself to

go all in, and you’re

convinced you’ll fall

flat on your face.



I was 8-weeks postpartum feeling anxious and alone at home on maternity leave, while my husband was a full-time teacher and coaching football. There were days he’d be gone for up to 16 hours. I didn’t have a gym or the desire to take my baby to one.


And then I realized something you might not have realized yet either:


There’s never a

perfect time

to work out!


So I became creative.


In October 2014, I made a commitment to myself: I would start a Facebook page to relate and connect with other mamas who were having similar struggles. I started with a group of moms who wanted more energy, to “feel” more like themselves again, and to lose some of the baby weight. The online accountability groups were my starting point.


The first 30 days of the journey helped so many and had helped me too. I was more consistent, confident, proud, and I had surrounded myself with other moms who wanted the same.


I learned how to do shorter workouts that were just as effective as if I were to do a workout at the gym for an hour.


Since I had a kiddo who wanted to be held, I naturally began using my carrier as a way to fit in a workout. This was the most ideal way and we made it work, together!



In January of 2016, I designed the Babywearing Program. It went wild and hundreds of mamas purchased it within a few days and started a journey together. I was overwhelmed with enjoyment and was in awe of how something that appeared to be so simple, could help so many!

This continued to lead me down a path to develop a program mamas could do during kiddo's nap time or while kiddo was playing nearby! That’s when I created the Fit Mama Program.


The one part that was different this time around, was the group size! I had limited the group to a much smaller size. This helped mamas feel more connected and “safe” to share their story. I found that mamas were per se “coming alive!” It was incredible to see the bond created amongst the mamas and becoming a “family” -  a strong connected community.





Is a 360° online fitness program for mamas like you who are ready to commit and learn how to gain confidence, cope with stress, regain energy, and properly shed baby weight.


Packed full of highly practical, easy-to-apply(use) workout plans, detailed clean eating guide, and daily support. Melinda will teach you everything you need to know in order to accomplish your personal goal and how to sustain a healthy lifestyle, that fits you!

Wherever you’re at I’ll meet you there with my signature program…

Things like how to…

❃Recognizing triggers to emotional eating, so you can learn to cope better by creating a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically.

❃Build new habits.

❃Empower yourself by engaging in the Fit Mama Community and regaining energy and self confidence.

Unlike most other online fitness programs that give you what you need to do to become fit, Melinda - Running Fit Mama shows and guides you exactly how to do it too.

Running Fit Mama isn’t even a traditional “program.”


It's an incredible holistic experience by combing both the body and mind.


My two passions of mental health and fitness have been brought together. I have my Master’s Degree in Counselor Education and hold my licensure as a Professional Counselor and currently work outside of the home part-time as a Mental Health Therapist.


Mental health and the physical well being go hand-in-hand! Unlike many fitness programs, I’m there with you on your journey to help guide you, motivate, and inspire you. I’m there to help you work through the challenges that arise!


Most people don’t make it past their first week! Many will stop before they have the chance to “fail.” The journey is about failing forward!


The Fit Mama Program will guide each person to see beyond the failure and rather, as progress towards their ultimate goal.


Inside the Fit Mama Group, I help you define your goals and your “why,” the purpose for you starting and wanting to continue.


If you’re ready to commit, put in the work, you will succeed. You just need to show up every day! And to help with the accountability, each mama is assigned a workout buddy (another mama) to help hold each other accountable. It’s a powerful journey and you need to be ready for it!

Here is what you

get when you join

the Fit Mama Community:

Maximize every second of your precious time!
Fit Mama Program
Fitness Programs | 12-Minute Workouts for Moms
Babywearing Program
Free Workouts

Workout virtually with other like minded mamas!

DISCOVER the SUPPORT from our FIT MAMA community!
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