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It's December 29, 2020 and I'm working on bringing this page up to date! Stay tuned for a more friendly and personal side of getting to know me!

Melinda is a therapist, entrepreneur, and passionate about fitness!

Melinda has a professional background in the mental health field and uses fitness as a way to take care of herself and help other women and especially mamas, achieve their goals of staying fit during pregnancy and postpartum. Melinda had her second child, baby boy, in July of 2018. Melinda has been sharing three workouts a week for mamas who want to stay active during pregnancy and has been providing complete access on her YouTube channel. 

Fitness is a way to release stress and tension from the body. It provides an opportunity to take care of you, so you can feel uplifted and be more present in your day.  Fitness reminds me that our mind and body is connected and when we work on our body to create better awareness, our mindset shifts to feeling more calm and happier. This helps create more focus to tackle all the mama duties! Enjoy the workouts and please reach out to say hello on my new Instagram account! 

Take good care,


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