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Flatten the "mommy tummy"

Melinda's post that received the most feedback...

Diastasis recti - “mama pooch” – the tummy bulge…

I’m almost three years postpartum and recently discovered I’ve been dealing with diastasis recti or that darn “mama pooch.” I started noticing the pooch a bit more when my kiddo was about two and it seemed to worsen after my miscarriage. There were earlier signs with a lot of pelvic floor pain and digestive issues. I disregarded it, because I looked ok on the outside, when in reality, my inside was a mess! After having my kiddo, I was on a mission to get back to being “fit” and return to my pre-baby weight. I had actually dipped down to one of my lowest weights. Now that I’m back to my “steady” weight, my mama pooch shows more. 

It’s been an ongoing physical and mental struggle for me. And with this…comes an introduction and a passion to build something with my good friend, Maggie, who unknowingly at the time, helped me during my miscarriage. I'm now on the mission to rebuilding my core and would love for you join the journey, no matter where you're at! We all have a different starting point!!!


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How to do a self-check for Diastasis Recti...

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