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FEATURED VIDEO about joining the Fit Pregnancy Community:

Fit Pregnancy Group

Pregnancy Workouts:

Each week of the pregnancy journey, starting with week six, I have created THREE weekly 15-minute workouts!

There are FIVE: 30-Minute Third Trimester Workouts!!


  • Total of 103 FREE videos for you to stay motivated throughout your pregnancy.

  • I've created a Fit Pregnancy Group to support and empower us mamas.

    • Working out with another mama, even if it's virtually, can help motivate and support you on challenging days of this pregnancy journey!

  • How do I get full access? Follow the THREE steps below...

Step 1:

Access to the FREE videos:


Please Subscribe to Melinda's YouTube channel to get the notifications of when a new workout is released and to be eligible to join the Fit Pregnancy Group: 

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Step 2:

Fit Pregnancy Group

Sign up to JOIN the Private Facebook Group and I'll approve your request after you have subscribed to the YouTube channel. No spammers allowed! 

You'll immediately get the link to the group on the "thank you" page!

When we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals, who are uplifting and positive, we become the same way! We are who we surround ourselves with! 

I look forward to "meeting" you in the group!

Fit Pregnancy Group

DOWNLOAD Trimester Pregnancy Workout Calendars in the private group! 

All you have to do is complete step 1 and 2 and you're good to go!!


Step 3:

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