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I'm a lover of nature, coffee, and self-care!

I'm a lover of nature, coffee, and self-care!


With my experience as a mental health therapist, I wanted a positive way to share my passion of self-care through fitness and that's when Fitness for Mamas came to life!

I wanted a positive way to share my passion of self-care through fitness, and that's when Fitness for Mamas came to life in January of 2018 on YouTube!

Motherhood can be isolating and lonely. After experiencing postpartum anxiety & depression I switched gears to focusing on providing support to our mama community! I wanted mamas all around the world to have access to free workouts for some self-care - and not feel alone in the journey! 


My way of coping with life: 

Has been through exercise to lessen anxiety and in turn, feel more present. It's always been important to me to continue working out during my pregnancy. I wanted to also provide the space for other pregnant mamas to join in with me with safe routines. So, I began recording three routines per each week of pregnancy. I really wanted to connect with mamas on their journey in the phase of life they're currently in!


The fit pregnancy journey continued into postpartum. It most definitely wasn't seamless. Whenever I pushed to get back into a routine, my body put the brakes on. Both times after I had babies, the first year was the hardest in completely different ways. The most recent time around, I had a sprained foot, a bacterial infection that made my body shake with a high fever, and finally, I had mastitis. It was hard and this all happened within a matter of a short time. Postpartum depression did not escape me. In the midst, I was trucking along and making videos and completed the pelvic floor series. When I got to the diastasis recti ab challenge and began recording it for a third time, I couldn't find the joy in the process anymore. That's when I took a step back for some self-care and a six month break from making videos. When I did return back to YouTube, my love and passion was on fire again! Self-care is SO important!! And asking for support is an act of strength and courage.


When I'm able to take care of myself first, I'm then able to take care of my children and other family members. I try to guide others by using exercise and moving the body to feel better and cope with life stressors. Sometimes you do need more support and it's ok to not feel ok - I have a resource below!

The road to get where I'm at has been a bumpy one and has also taught me so much already. I know there is still plenty of growth to still happen. I try my best to stay positive and optimistic, even on a rough day. 

Why I do it for free:

I want everyone to have the opportunity to use fitness to help guide them to be healthy and use it as a way to feel good. It also gives every mama in the world access without any barriers of cost. It's been very meaningful to me to provide the fit pregnancy series, postpartum workouts and advanced workouts! I currently have the fit pregnancy workout calendars, 12-week postpartum eBook guide, & intermediate postpartum calendar. My goal is to create more free workout programs to have as a guide in the near future! 

Here's little bit more about my professional background:

I have a Master of Science degree in Counselor Education and I'm a licensed mental health therapist. My bachelor's degree was in Spanish with a health minor. I love learning about other cultures and traveled to study and learn more about the Spanish speaking language in Costa Rica, Chile, and Argentina. It's neat how our YouTube community gives us the opportunity to connect and support each other from around the world, too! 


I continue to work as a mental health therapist and I see individuals who speak Spanish and English. I've chosen specialize in maternal mental health and unresolved childhood trauma. There is so much that comes out during the motherhood journey that can be incredibly hard to navigate and it's been my calling to help others on their healing journeys.


My focus has been to provide encouragement on our YouTube channel and also provide additional resources.


I love sharing in the journey with you!


Motherhood is hard and rewarding! 

Sometimes it's tough to see that it's rewarding when you're suffering. And it's ok to not feel ok (I made a video on this!!). If you do feel like you need additional support, I highly recommend you visit Postpartum Support International at to find the resources you need! You always deserve the best care!

As I write this "about me" page, my son is two and my daughter is six! And can you believe I've been married for 14 years?! There's been lots of good learning and growing together!!!

Thank you for being here with me and supporting our lovely community.

Take good care and I can't wait to see you over on YouTube and please come say hello on Instagram!

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