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Quick Workouts
Free Mama Bootcamp
Babywearing Program
Maximize every second of your precious time!

Home Workout Program

• Convenient way to workout at home accompanying your busy lifestyle.

• No need to spend money on a gym membership or a babysitter.

• Melinda teaches you how to workout whenever you get the chance to!

• Made for every mom whether beginner or well conditioned.

Quick Workouts

• These quick high-intensity workouts deliver RESULTS.

• Targets the butt, abs, arms, legs, and core.

• Option to modify moves.

•12-minute workout videos along with a warm-up and cool-down.

• Two different workout calendars:12-minute workout days OR a progressive workout plan including both 12 and 24 minute days.

• Each workout is designed to burn calories in a short amount of time, ensuring you get the most out of your workout.

• No equipment needed - just your body!

Immediate Access to Videos

• Workout anywhere, anytime, on your schedule! Links to your workouts are in chapter 11.


Tips on Clean Eating!

• In the eBook, you are provided with quick reads to encourage and inspire your diet.

• Learn HOW and WHY we feel energized when eating the right kinds of food.

• Meal ideas, recipes, and juicing tips along with added favorites from other mamas in your accountability group. 

Home Workout Program

• Convenient TIME SAVING workout for mamas.

• Seven different workouts x 12 minutes a day.

• Three-week program.

• Weight resistance from kiddo burns calories and builds strength.

• Quality bonding with your child while doing something positive for your own health!

Quick Workouts

• High-intensity workouts with added weight resistance from your kiddo will build endurance and result in more energy to do all the mama tasks!

Immediate Access to Videos

• Workout anywhere, anytime, on your schedule!

Learn About Strengthening and Flexibility Postpartum

• Understand more about your body after baby.

Tips on Clean eating while Breastfeeding

And Much More!

No equipment needed - just your kiddo and choice of carrier! Expect a fabulous opportunity to exercise and bond together BONUS: Your kiddo might nap! 

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